Birth Photography

There is nothing like birth, a new life entering the world, the excitement (and sometimes fear) of the parents, the emotion as you wait to meet your little one. First breath, first cry, first look at mom and dad. Your babies first moments in the world. They are so precious and can never be redone.

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Birth photography captures all of those precious moments in a beautiful, tasteful way. It’s not graphic (unless you request those shots) and it is not gross. I shoot from flattering angles and capture the love and emotion in the room.

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With all the adrenalin and emotion of having a baby it is so easy to forget all the special little moments later. As a mom myself, I am so glad I had my second birth photographed. I cherish those pictures (even though I personally hate having my picture taken) and am SO glad I chose to have my son’s birth photographed and I wish birth photography had been around when my daughter was born!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why can’t the dad just take pictures? He could, but he deserves to be in photos as well, there is so much emotion for a dad meeting a new baby as well! Hiring me to photograph your birth means that dad doesn’t have to worry about missing those moments or neglecting you when you need him because he is trying to take pictures. With a Professional Birth Photographer you also get high quality photos by someone who is experienced in low light, fast paced births and knows how to catch flattering angles.

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Isn’t it weird to a photographer in the room during labor and birth? I plan to arrive when you are about 6cm dilated. By this point most women are in active labor and not paying much attention to what is going on around them. I don’t say much and stay back out of the way quietly capturing moments as they happen, you will probably not even notice me until after.

What about privacy? I discuss privacy with my clients during their pregnancy. We talk about what moments are most important to be captured and any moments that you may choose to not have photographed. After the birth private photos are not posted unless the parents approve them, in addition to this details from the birth are kept confidential.

What if things don’t go according to plan? If you end up needing a c section or the baby needs some special care this doesn’t necessarily mean that  you can’t have photography. Some doctors are willing to allow a professional photographer in the OR, or to come into recovery right after. This is something you have to discuss with your doctor during your pregnancy and let them know what your wishes are regarding photography.


If you have other questions please contact me, I would love to discuss this with you and answer your questions.

You will never regret capturing these once in a lifetime moments, I promise! 🙂

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